Career to FamilyEntrepreneur

BiiZBoX is looking for new recruit who has worked in a career but now don't like what their job is doing to their mind body spirit balance.

Is your lifestyle crushed by the hours you are putting into your paid work?

Do you dream of using your skills, abilities and knowledge to craft something for yourself but don't have any entrepreneurial skill or running a business of your own skill.

We are offering someone like you the opportunity to leverage your experience and ambition to create family entrepreneurship where you will work with others, build a team but on your terms a d time scale. You decide your hour and days of work.

How would it feel for you if you could be home earning a high income but have the freedom to have family time?

We would like to help you to transform your career into business development.

Familyenterpures bring their family with them and don't have to make the choice between family and work because it's bundled together as a package just for your circumstance.

Be a hero in your family by creating high income and time freedom together.

We are looking for people like you. Come get the information to make the switch by hearing more about BiizBox. Package and services.

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Theresa Hatchett

Business and spiritual coach helping others to design their lives.

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Is a coach in many fields she has been working as a business and spiritual coach helping others to design their lives.

She understands that supporting others to achieving a fulfilled and rewarding life people do not need to reinvent the wheel they can start of by following a plan that reveals their deepest motivation and by taking the steps to realize the success and happiness they deserve in their life.